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Volkswagen Tech Articles

If you’ve ever wondered how to turn your Volkswagen into a high-performance street tuner, check out our tech articles that cover everything from how-to and step-by-step guides, to project Volkswagen, performance upgrades and product reviews. Whether you are looking to add HID headlights, an exhaust, suspension or brakes, etc, you’ll find it all at eurotuner Magazine
Volkswagen Tuner Tech
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2011 VW Jetta - Project Jetta 2.D’OH
We finish our low ’n slow Project Jetta 2.0 with a set of ST coilovers and H&R spacers.... more
Black Forest Industries 2.5L Engine Mount - Tuner News
The mount has OEM dimensions and a larger bushing area to eliminate vibration with improved damping.... more
2009 VW Tiguan TDI 4Motion - Blave Of Glory
The VW Tiguan hasn’t exactly taken the tuning scene by storm, but this example from Belgium might... more
2009 VW GTI - Drinking The Kool-AiD
Alex Villacres has put together this sweet VW GTI on air that has so much poke the car sits on its... more
2007 VW GTI - Bells & Whistles
An OEM+ style widebody VW GTI with plenty of Euro updates.... more
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Volkswagen flag
Volkswagen flag available in white or blue background The flag is new, material nylon and size 3x5... more
WOLFSGART 5.0 European Show, July 25-27, 2014, Burlington, Vermont USA
It's once again that time for WOLFSGART, Vermont's Aircooled and Watercooled German Automotive... more
replacement parts for 1987 16V Volkswagen Scirocco
I have just purchased a 1987 Volkswagen Scirocco a few days ago, and mechanically the car is... more
19/08/2012: Men in Volkswagen 2012 - Katwijk (The Netherlands)
Men in Volkswagen 2012 @ Fabulous more
VW Noob looking for a shop in Vegas?
I see that this forum post got views, but no responses... :o So maybe I should try to change the... more