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2007 Audi A3 - Power Adders - Project A3: Part 6

Our Audi A3 2.0T gains 35hp and 52 lb-ft from Revo software, Euro Sport exhaust plus Neuspeed charge pipes, pulley and P-Flo intake.

We’ve procrastinated long enough; with no more excuses it’s time to add some power products to the 200hp, 207 lb-ft 2.0T FSI 16v turbo engine in our ’07 Audi A3 project car to discover what we can unleash.

Perhaps predictably we chose to start with a software upgrade from Revo Technik, followed by a cat-back exhaust from Euro Sport Accessories before adding a number of parts from Neuspeed. The latter would include its Power Pulley, P-Flo intake, air charge pipe and turbo discharge pipe. The parts would be fitted by both Euro Sport and Supreme Power Parts in Anaheim, CA, and we’d use Euro Sport’s Dynojet 248C 2WD dynamometer for all our testing.

Revo Software
As with the majority of modern turbo engines, the biggest and easiest gains can usually be found by manipulating the manufacturer’s own software. A number of companies are able to rewrite the internal codes, unleashing additional power and torque from within the boost, fuel and timing maps.

We previously tested Revo software on a number of cars and have been impressed by the ease of installation, trouble-free running and overall reliability. Therefore, we contacted Gary Cogis, Revo’s General Manager to install the new program into our ECU.

Before we could proceed, however, we needed baseline figures for the engine, so Vic Kazanjian at Euro Sport strapped the car to their very consistent dyno and ran some numbers.

After five runs we were seeing reliable results but discarded the highest and lowest, settling on 188.7hp at the wheels and 203.5 lb-ft. To be honest, these are high, even for the 2.0T that notoriously gives good results. It proved our 85000-mile 2.0T was in good condition. We could also thank the 62˚F ambient temperature and 20% humidity for the strong showing. However, it could make it harder for the tuning equipment to make a difference…

That said, Gary flashed the ECU with stage one software, which took about 30min. We then drove the car for 5-10 miles to help the ECU adapt to the new software. We instantly felt an improvement, particularly in mid-range torque, which helped acceleration and overtaking on the freeway especially.

What’s nice about Revo’s FSI program is it allows the dealer to adjust timing, boost and fuel for a specific car or modifications. This means that we can alter the setting as more parts are fitted, or simply move up to stage 2 if we add a downpipe, or stage 2+ for cars with an uprated fuel pump, etc.

Back on the dyno, the Audi hit 202.6whp and 242.7 lb-ft as an average. And while these numbers are good, they only tell half the story. If you look at the dyno graphs, you’ll see there’s more under the curves. In fact, our best increase was 29.4whp and 44.2 lb-ft at 3500rpm. With noticeable gains throughout the rev range we were very happy with the results.

Euro Sport Exhaust
To remain emissions compliant, we opted to only fit a cat-back exhaust rather than liberating downpipes as well. Euro Sport Accessories had its own range of stainless steel systems in stock, including this one for the Mk5 VW GTI and Audi A3 2.0T.

The system replaces the center and rear suitcase mufflers on the stock system with a single muffler. The mandrel-bent, 2.5" diameter exhaust is made from T304 stainless and features polished dual tips. It uses slip-on joints and T-clamps for ease of installation that took less than an hour. It’s also backed by a five-year warranty.

We weighed the new system, which tipped the scales at just 19.5 lb against 35.8 lb for the stock exhaust. This is a respectable saving, and when combined with power, sound and aesthetic improvements, makes it an attractive addition.

Remove the stock system by raising the car and loosening the two 13mm bolts on the center clamp ahead of the muffler. You then drop the pipes from five hangers: two by the clamp, one in front of the rear beam and one of either side of the rear muffler.

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