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2007 Audi A3 - Project A3 Part 3

In part three of our Audi A3 2.0T project build, we add aluminum-carbon RS3 interior trim.

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The Muscle
Ordinarily, we visit tuning shops to install parts. It’s not that we can’t do it ourselves; it’s just better to pass on to you the correct way to fit parts, rather than our shortcuts and cheats. However, we felt sufficiently confident with the interior pieces to give it a go ourselves.

Neill and I rolled up our sleeves and got to work. If Bachand hadn’t stabbed me with a screwdriver while trying to release a clip, we could have called it a complete success!

The parts are ridiculously easy to fit. The door pieces pull off and press back on. Fitting takes longer to describe than to execute. The gear lever surround is similarly straightforward. The only potential obstacle was the ashtray cover but there was little drama if you follow our steps below.

We also filmed each step and the video is available online at

In the next issue, we hope to install some performance parts from Unitronic.

Part Supplier Eurotuner
RS3 interior trim kit OEM Plus $850

Modifications To Date

Part Supplier Issue
Ultra-low coilovers H&R Springs 6/10
19x8.5" Nurburgring wheels TSW Wheels 6/10
Stud kit Raven Motorsport 6/10
235/35 R19 ExtremeContact DW Continental Tires 6/10
JOM S3-style grille Black Forest Ind 7/10
RS3 interior trim OEM Plus 9/10


OEM Plus

OEM Plus
23011 Moulton PKWY
Ste J4
Laguna Hills
CA  92653-1233
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