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2012 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid Think Blue Championship - Web Exclusive

49.9mpg achieved from San Francisco to Santa Monica

The winner of the first Volkswagen "Think Blue World Championship." on U.S. soil crossed the finish line in Los Angeles, Calif. Wednesday (11/28/2012) after a two-day competition. The 18 best international drivers took fuel-efficient driving to a new level, achieving a range of 49.9 mpg with the brand new Jetta Hybrid.

The winners from the 2012 national championships from all over the world competed in a one-of-a-kind rally: driving from San Francisco to Santa Monica. The winner, Frank Zauft from Germany, was officially honored along with the new Jetta Hybrid, which were both introduced to the U.S. market during the 2012 LA Auto Show.

"This international competition in fuel-efficient driving showed that eco-conscious driving behavior can be really fun," said Marketing Director Jürgen Stackmann.

During the event, the drivers also had to master several tasks relating to ecological sustainability and "Think Blue.". For example, board games challenged the participants to find the most ecological and economical approach to use renewable energy at a factory - just like the concept of the "Think Blue. Factory.", Volkswagen's approach to reduce factory emissions by 25 percent by 2018.

Volkswagen managed to reduce carbon emissions already prior to the event. Volkswagen decided to offset the associated greenhouse gas emissions together with Climate Partner through a Gold Standard certified carbon offset project located in Ceara, Brazil.

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