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2006 Ford Focus - Tuner Cars - Letters

Ideas for Project Dub I had a few ideas for Project Dub. Now, I understand you guys didn't want to go crazy and build the world's first Jetta cabrio, so here are my ideas in no particular order:

1. Try smoking the clear part of the tail lights to lose the rice look

2. I noticed the Mk5s have built-in turn signals. Why don't you try and smoke them too?

3. I remember an old issue with the Abt Mk5 GTI (et 8/05) - try a carbon hood like they did, with the center left carbon but the outside color-coded

4. I like your clear foglights but would like to see them yellow

5. The Caractere body kit is nice but the front end looks raised. Here's an idea borrowed from the R32 guys - why not try a Seat Leon Cupra R chin spoiler?

Well, those are my ideas. If I had Photoshop, I'd show you what it looks like... Bijan Behrouzi email

Some good ideas, thanks. Apparently smoked tails are available in Europe, so we're looking into that. And somebody was building us a carbon hood. The front end may look raised because we're on 20s. With 19s and coilovers we could've got it much lower. But the rounded front spoiler does mean we don't hit every driveway we enter

Rabbit power I'm writing after receiving my first copy of et (9/06 issue); and because I've been searching for some solutions to extract more power out of the 2.5 liter five cylinder in the new Rabbit. I've ordered a '07 and am anxiously awaiting the completion of my deployment so I can get home to my family and my new ride.

Obviously I want more power out of the 150hp engine. I ordered the car with the six-speed auto, factory ground effects kit, stability system and 17" wheel package. Since it's a new car I need to bridge the gap between modification and maintaining the factory warranty.

We're still in Kosovo and yes, the Albanians and Serbians still don't play well together. The place looks like Germany with a lot of trash. It'd be a beautiful place if they didn't throw everything in the ditches or rivers. Obviously I am not Red in the photo attached. Maj Fred Prill Kosovo

Fred had many specific questions and we've replied by email, recommending the tuners Neuspeed and ABD Racing as two companies that have a lot of experience with the 2.5 engine.

Too late 1 Here's my entry for the Photochop Challenge (see p46) Andre DeSousa Email

Too late 2 Here's my entry for the Photochop Challenge (see p46) Dmitry Zhouk Email

You missed the entry deadline, but look out for our new Challenge in the 1/07 issue.

Chopped 1 Here's my '03 GTI getting an exhaust installed. I snapped the photo and did some photochopping. I did a color change, added 18" powdercoated versions of the Longbeach wheels, added a decal on the gas door, lowered it and added some cosmetic work on the doors as well as fender flares for kicks. Michael Wesala Email

Chopped 2 Just thought I'd drop you a new chop to see if you could use it. Lan Le Masters Email

Hello Boys I found your email in a search on the internet and decided to write and introduce myself. My name is Larisa. I know my letter may get lost among the others that come to you every day, but it would be cool if you write to me. If you're really searching for your second half, and you have serious intentions to build a family, and if you prefer present dialogue instead of games, I'll wait for your answer. I've attached my photo. Have a nice day. I'm waiting... Larisa Lapina Email

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