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BMW M3 E92 - Letters - Readers' Mail

BMW Rider
I've been reading your magazine for two years and must say it's great. I love all the articles and marvel at what people are able to do with their cars. Personally I drive an E46 325i - a great car, but on a student's budget I find it hard to modify. I'm not here to rag on all the "students" or that there are more Veedubs and Audis gracing these pages. Actually I'm here to call out to the Bimmer owners like myself because I've recently seen a decline in how many Bimmers are featured in Readers' Rides - a place where I get much of my inspiration. In the 5/06 issue there were none. So I'm asking Bimmer owners everywhere to send photos of your ride, even if it's not highly modified. I'm sure many will agree that we need to be better represented in the Rides section if we want to be better represented in the Features section. I sent mine in, and hopefully it'll appear soon.
Devon Jordan

Build It!
What the hell is up? Good times, great magazine! Well, my May issue showed up about 20 minutes ago and I couldn't wait to read about the VW GX3. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my shirt. VWoA, please build this machine! Please, oh please.
Brady Albert
Uniontown, PA

I just got off the phone with the designer and it's still going through approval but there should be a definite answer by the time you read this. Fingers crossed...

Drag Racing
I'd like to comment on another letter concerning drag racing (et 3/06). I agree European cars weren't designed for the quarter mile and am appalled at the poor times, considering the money spent. The part I have a problem with is that somebody mentioned "horsepower wins brags, torque wins drags". Actually, drag racing is all about horsepower; if you need more torque at the track, just lower your gear ratio!

To put it simply, torque is there to get the tires going while towing and to give you some peppy feeling on the street. Look at some diesels - 500 lb/ft and only 100hp and they certainly aren't kings of the quarter mile.
Wesley Bryant

Shut Up!
I'm writing in reference to your column "Shut Up!" in the 3/06 issue. I own two Mk2s and as much as I'd like to read about them, you can only go so far with the VR6 or 1.8T transplants and the like. And if you think about it, some of the stuff about those engines can be learned from the articles on the newer models. I have friends who drive Mk3s, Mk4s and also an M3, and in my situation it's good to read about the newer cars. That way I can relate to their ideas and learn a thing or two. It's good you guys mix it up. I mean, who wants to read about any particular model month after month? And any reader would agree that if they were in your shoes; they'd have to produce sales, regardless of the bashing letters. One thing is a given though - when you're a magazine editor, you can't please everybody. But you can try, and you guys do a great job. I just wanted you to know what I thought, and yes I'm a diehard VW fanatic (I live, breath, eat, drink and sleep them) who absolutely loves the Mk2.
Jimus Lemont

So what can I say about et? I can say that even though I've never owned a VW I've always read the magazine. Not because I'm a car nut (although I am) but because I've always been a Euro guy. I've always loved the Golfs but was never able to either afford one because of college. So I had to suffer through eight years of a no A/C, five-speed S10 with manual windows and locks. So, fast forward eight years through horrible Texas summers and I finally graduate college and decide I need to buy a new car when I get my first job. I shifted back and forth between new Scions and Hondas and older Nissans. But when it came down to it, I chose a Jetta 1.8T (coincidentally the same model and color as your project car). It doesn't have a five-speed, which sucks, but I've learned to deal with it. Anyway, I just want to say that if it weren't for et these last few years, I may have made a mistake in the purchase of my first tuner car. Granted, there may not be an infinite amount I can do to this car because of the Tiptronic, but I'm not a power whore like some. It's all about style and handling, in my opinion. So a big thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
Geoffrey Gray
Electra, TX

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