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1995 Audi 90 Quattro - Silva Bullet

This unique 500hp Audi 90 VR6T delivers originality on a silver platter.

By Dominika Janiga, Photography by Josh Brown

Every avid showgoer knows there are several cars and certain modifications you can always expect to see. But every once in a while, a car arrives on the scene that breaks the mold, exceeding expectations by bringing something new to the table.

This can only apply to cars that are rarely seen, such as Nick Silva’s ’95 Audi 90 quattro. And with every inch modified to suit the owner’s taste, it raised the bar when it finally made its public debut.

The story began in ’08. After scouring the forums, Nick found a car he could fall for. “I like older cars, especially from the ’80s and early ’90s,” he said. “The 90 is perfect because it has an older shape with modern touches.”

In its time, the 90 was what Audi considered its entry-level sedan. With its performance, durability and interior options, it was a great starter car but with high-end comfort. “I’ve always loved German cars,” Nick explained. “I originally wanted to keep it clean and simple, but it didn’t work out that way!” he laughed.

Nick soon found he wanted more; what initially began as a clean daily driver, snowballed into the effect most enthusiasts know well. “It turned into wanting a really nice show car I could take to events,” he said. “I wanted to be able to drive it around but also take it to the track.”

Naturally, upgrading the motor was first on his list. Rather than work with the stock Audi 2.8L V6 12v, Nick got his hands on a VW 2.8L VR6 12v. The car was then taken to close friend Diogo Azevedo at AMS Autowerks in Linden, NJ (whose BMW 318ti widebody turbo was featured in et 2/09) to begin the on-going process that would produce some impressive numbers.

How impressive? How about 516awhp and approximately 460 lb-ft before the water/meth injection was added!

To achieve these results, the VR was first bored to 2.9-liters with ceramic-coated JE pistons and a set of IE Tuscan rods.

Working with Diogo they added a Ferrea valvetrain with 1mm oversized valves plus titanium springs and retainers. To complete the head, a set of Techtonics 288˚ cams were included, finishing with a port ’n polish to ensure maximum flow.

“It’s… fast,” Nick laughed. “It’s amazing. It comes on so strong, and the cams help so much.”

At the heart of the powerhouse, is a huge Precision 62/62 ball-bearing turbo with an upgraded billet compressor wheel and anti-surge housing. It’s mounted on a ceramic-coated Kinetic Motorsports manifold but doesn’t use an air filter. As a result, it has wire mesh over the inlet to prevent small birds or children being eaten by the enormous snail.

Gases exit via a custom 3.5" exhaust, while the compressed air is fed through a Wagner front-mount intercooler with wrinkle-black powdercoated piping. It then enters a 034Motorsport intake manifold that was developed for 034’s etGP09-winning B5 Audi S4 VR6T (et 2/10).

Because of the increased airflow, the fuel system received dual Bosch 044 pumps inside an IE surge tank to support the stock internal pump. Stainless lines and fittings (which feed 1000cc injectors), a custom fuel rail and pressure regulator were also installed into a shaved bay to tidy the overall appearance of the engine swap.

The brains of the operation is the 034EFI standalone engine management, tuned by Ivey Technologies and coupled to AEM’s Tru-Boost electronic boost controller.

By Dominika Janiga
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