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2004 Lamborghini Gallardo - Italian Stallion

We All Dream Of Owning A Lamborghini One Day, So We Hope This Modified Gallardo Inspires You.

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We're featuring this '04 Gallardo in the hope that several readers have aged, made a successful living and amassed enough money to step beyond the limitations of a typical bank account. After all, how else would you spend your six- or seven-figure salary besides on your dream car?

The Gallardo is one of the finest exotics available if you happen to be browsing cars over $150k. With competitors such as the Ferrari 360 and 430, Porsche 911 GT2 and Mercedes-Benz SL65, the Gallardo is quite possibly the best car in its segment. Lamborghini is owned by parent company Audi after all, a brand we're all familiar with.

Let's fast-forward and picture ourselves owning one of these fine Italian supercars. In this dreamscape it would be second nature to add a personal flavor to it. And to shed some light on this fantasy life, we collaborated with P-Factor Automotive to uncover this modified '04 Gallardo that was introduced at the '06 SEMA show.

P-Factor provides tuning programs for high-end European luxury and sports cars. The company has several modified Lambos, Ferraris and Mercedes roaming the streets of North America, and in the fall of '06 they were contracted to enhance this Gallardo, owned by Scooter Bingham of Car Nutz Customs in Seattle, WA. Over the following months, the car would be transformed from an eye-catching showstopper and menacing driving machine into an even more eye-catching showstopper and menacing driving machine in time for SEMA.

Back Ground
Let's review the magnificence of the Gallardo. In stock form it's a powerful and elegant automobile. Manufactured in Lamborghini's Sant'Agata Bolognese plant near Bologna, Italy, the Gallardo is powered by a mighty 500hp five liter V10 - a detuned version of this engine can also been found in the Audi S6 and S8 (see p88), and it closely resembles Audi's 4.2 V8 but for the two extra cylinders and a smaller bore diameter. The resemblance shouldn't be surprising since the motor was the first engine developed by Lamborghini after Audi acquired it.

The mid-mounted 90 V10 uses twin front-mounted radiators, a dry-sump lubrication system to allow a smaller oil pan and lower center of gravity, and variable timing on the intake and exhaust valves for maximum power. In addition, the intake manifold is dual-staged, with both long and short runners, to optimize mid- and high-range power.

All that power would be worthless without the aluminum spaceframe reducing weight, plus a 70/30% rear-wheel biased all-wheel drivetrain that ensures the Gallardo is sure-footed when cornering or in poor weather conditions. A limited-slip differential further guarantees traction by switching torque to the axle with the most grip. The suspension features a double-control arm mechanism with Koni's Frequency Selective Dampers to provide both comfort and sporty characteristics. Factory Brembo brakes provide the necessary stopping power with 14.4" eight-piston fronts and 13.2" four-piston rears.

Thus endowed, the Gallardo delivers 500hp to the crank and 376 lb/ft of torque, is capable of 192mph top speed and a 12.2sec quarter-mile.

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