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Big SoCal Euro 2012 - Web Exclusive

"Big" is an understatement.

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What sprouted 11 years ago as a small gathering of forum members from has grown into a phenomenal annual meet. This year, on November 17, more than 2000 vehicles returned to Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA to showcase the best in Euro tuning (although several didn't exactly fitting the category; see if you can spot them in the photo gallery...).

Not only did this meet bring out the garage queens, but it was all-inclusive in terms of luring out the speed junkies for the Driving Clinic hosted by San Diego BMW Car Club of America.

For the cost of a couple of Value Menu meals, drivers went through three exercises: skidpad, threshold braking and emergency lane change throughout the day. We must say, the lane change provided the most eye-opening experience for the spectators. You'd be amazed at how often drivers would choose the wrong direction to swerve in!

After perusing the vastness of the stadium parking lot, a few characters caught our gaze. Among them was a mint 356 Speedster (probably a kit car but we loved it). There was the sleeper of all sleepers with a Toyota 2JZ-powered Volvo 240 Wagon that must be great fun on the freeway. We also recognized a former Mk2 GTI feature car that once pumped out 330hp but now boasts a whopping 495whp (see the story here).

The usual vendor suspects were in attendance, including HRE and VMR Wheels, who brought their entourage of vehicles and showcased new products including VMR's new V721 wheel.

And who said parking lot loiterers were hooligans? More than four barrels were filled to the brim with donated canned food in support of the San Diego-based Father Joe's Villages, which assists people in need to obtain food, housing, healthcare and education. As each consecutive year outdoes the last, we're excited to see what the next will bring for SoCal Euro.

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