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2011 Tuner Grand Prix

In an orgy of European power and speed, we pit North America’s best tuners head-to-head on the dyno, dragstrip and road course in the eurotuner GP.

We also returned to the road course at Streets of Willow because it’s one of our favorite SoCal tracks. With its tight turns and high-speed corners, it’s a great test of chassis balance over engine power. We prefer it to some of the faster tracks because it gives the less powerful teams a chance to shine, rather than the more powerful cars blowing them away on the straights.

So keep reading as we tell you how each team did on the dyno, drag and road course. We also have a profile of each team as well as the overall results and a spec list for you to better understand what went into building these remarkable cars.

Control Tires

Continental ExtremeContact DW

Specifying a control tire for eurotuner GP means we can focus on what parts the tuner has fitted, rather than the rubber he’s chosen. This gives us a better indication of how the components are working together. Yet it’s vital for us to choose rubber that’s up to the task and doesn’t leave the competitors scrabbling for grip.

We were very fortunate to again be supported by Continental Tires, and need to thank them for making it all happen.

Once more we had decided to run the latest ExtremeContactTM DW tires for the second year in a row, because we know how well they perform from our own tests and last year’s event. In fact, they won our last Tire Test (et 12/09) that compared ten of the latest high-performance tires in both wet and dry conditions. The Conti DW was the overall winner and its abilities in mixed weather conditions were appreciated by GP competitors who experienced some rain on the day of the dyno test.

In our product test, Turner Motorsport’s racecar drivers commented on the DW’s good braking grip, excellent turn-in response and fantastic overall grip in both the wet and dry. So it was this overall consistency and predictability that put it in first place.

During the GP, the same attributes are appreciated on the track, where it needs to keep the car stable under very high braking forces, while also providing strong and consistent cornering ability. What’s more, when the tire does finally let go under severe provocation, they respond predictably to give the drivers plenty of feedback.

During its manufacturer, Conti ensures the DW (meaning Dry and Wet) provides both a lower rolling resistance and improved tread life than its competitors. It has a 340 UTQG rating, which means they should last many thousands of miles under normal conditions. What’s more, there are different indicators within the tread blocks to alert drivers to when the tires have exceeded their optimum tread depth in both dry and wet conditions.

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