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2011 Tuner Grand Prix

In an orgy of European power and speed, we pit North America’s best tuners head-to-head on the dyno, dragstrip and road course in the eurotuner GP.

FWD Class

Euro Sport Accessories

2001 VW Golf 1.8T
Location: Anaheim, CA
Founded: 1988
Contact: 714/630-1555
Overall FWD winner

Euro Sport Accessories started in 1988 and continues to design, develop and test parts for VW/Audi cars. Based in Anaheim, the shop sells intakes, exhausts, stress bars and other performance parts as well as suspension compents and has an in-house dyno for software installs.

The company has been involved in etGP since the very beginning. During that time they’ve entered everything from a Mk1 Rabbit to Ford Focus, and this year returned with the Mk4 Golf 1.8T that was originally custom-built for last year’s event.

After making half a dozen runs on the strip, the team broke an axle. Raffi Kazanjian wasn’t surprised, commenting that it was the original axle from 2001 and had logged 161,000 miles since then. They had a back-up ready, but with limited time for more runs after the repair, they were happy with the number.

The dyno gave a better-than-expected result with 337whp. While on track, the team made several improvements from last year. This included new mounting points for the turbo, which rattled its bolts loose last year. The car also had a new front splitter that increased high-speed stability.

The plan was to get the Mk4 to break into the 1:30 lap times. Successfully recording a best time of 1:29.661, Raffi said, “It’s ready to go again with race gas in the tank!”

RWD Class


2001 VW GTI
Location: Fremont, CA
Founded: 2004
Contact: 510/657-6707
Overall winner
Best RWD dyno
Best RWD drag

This year 034Motorsport’s goal was to sweep the entire event. The shop focuses on providing parts to the dedicated tuner, including its own engine management, turbo tuning and chassis set-up, plus the manufacture and engineering of many in-house performance parts.

The team again brought its purpose-built mid-engine, S4-powered, rear-wheel drive ’01 GTI that competed last year. The VW is an extreme example of what the shop can provide to customers and was featured in et 12/10 as well as online at

Having spent three days testing before the GP to resolve any bugs, 034 was fairly confident going into the drag racing. With company owner Javad Shadzi at the wheel, he completed one warm-up run before the rear wheels broke loose at 130mph on the second.

Javad made the decision to stay on the power, drifting across the traps and finishing with a 11.885sec pass at 134.438mph. Looking to better the time on the third run, the ring and pinion broke a tooth and ended their session.

Working late into the night, they sourced an Audi S4 quattro transmission and welded the center differential for their RWD application. They also kept the same GT4202RS for the dyno as the drag, later switching to a smaller GT35R turbo with better response for the road course. They’d spent five hours tuning the GT4202RS and had seen 800hp before the event. The dyno eventually read 716whp, which was a little shy of expectations but still earned them the overall win on the dyno.

With two out of three events in the bag, they wanted to repeat last year’s lap times and secure the overall win. Despite an exciting spin in turn four, 034’s shop manager, Christian Miller, came through with a time of 1:25.644 on his best run. This gave them second place on the day and top spot in the event overall.

Berk Technology

2008 BMW 135i
Location: Santa Ana, CA
Founded: 2001
Contact: 949/387-9581
Best RWD track

Coming off last year’s freak engine fire, Berk was gunning for redemption at Streets of Willow. The company specializes in full exhaust system fabrication and high-flow cats. With focus recently shifting from imports to the BMW 1-Series, they’re becoming experts at dialing-in the car.

Just like last year, the BMW had limited engine modifications, restricted to a Berk exhaust system, downpipes, AEM meth/water injection and GIAC software.

Making only a few runs at the drag event and putting down respectable numbers at the dyno, the team’s goal was to perform well on the road course.

Owner Bryan Min spent time developing the KW Motorsport coilovers to the perceived track conditions a few weeks prior to etGP11. He also had Andrew Brillant from VFiber involved in the development of new aerodynamics for the BMW’s body kit.

Carl Rydquist, a European endurance racer and chassis engineer by trade, was then able to shave a few seconds with more fine-tuning the car. He piloted the BMW 135i to first place on the track with a 1:24.694 lap, and they were absolutely thrilled.

European Auto Source

2011 BMW M3
Location: Anaheim, CA
Founded: 2003
Contact: 714/369-8524

European auto source is a BMW tuning shop dedicated to supplying OEM plus modifications, particularly for the E92 chassis. To compete in our event, the shop entered its supercharged E92 M3 with an AP Racing big-brake kit and KW Variant 2 coilovers.

With this popular platform, EAS wanted to show how these modification would perform against purpose-built racecars.

Hot on the heels of an E46 M3 racecar in the drag racing, their E92 ran a time of 12.298sec at 120.75mph. Placing second among the other BMWs, while coming third in the RWD category.

The following day, the team was disappointed with the dyno results, which yielded only 457hp but it earned them valuable points with a fourth place result.

At Streets of Willow, EAS handed the keys to Jordan Yost: a friend of the shop as well as a driving instructor. He was able to record a lap time of 1:27.713, cementing fourth place overall. The team’s performance remained consistent throughout the three days, without any on-site tuning or trailer support.

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