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Waterfest 16 Event Coverage - Water Fest

The Best Cars, Trends, Parts And Drag Racing From The 16th Annual Waterfest Show.

By: , Josh Brown, , Photography by , Josh Brown,

Returning from another successful Waterfest show, we had a great time with Kreuzerfest opening the event (see separate story); an evening of mayhem and burnouts at Chilis restaurant; a chance to meet old friends and find new cars.

Our lasting memory of Waterfest 2010 has to be the sweltering heat and high humidity. It sapped energy and drenched clothes, making it the weekend-long test of endurance. Why isn't this event in May or June?

When we did step out onto the scorching asphalt we were greeted by the usual array of magnificent machinery. With fewer vendors and less show cars, the event did look slightly depleted, yet it remains one of North America's most vibrant and important VW/Audi events. As such, it will continue to draw our support and we were delighted to meet so many regular visitors.

As usual, we're not going to waste space with words, preferring to cram as many photos into these pages as possible. So plant yourself on the couch or lock the door on the restroom and enjoy the best of Waterfest.

Mk5 GTI/Golf

By , Josh Brown,
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