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2013 eurotuner Club Listing Revised

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2011 Eurotuner Car Club Listing - Last Revised March 2012

AKeuro Alaska
Audi Club NA North America
Autobahn America North America
B5One New England
Bar Society\barsociety Midwest
Bavarian Motorsports North America
Blitzkrieg Tuners Northeast PA
BlitzWagenz TBA UK
BlownEuros Philadelphia
BMWMOFO Oklahoma
BMWCCA North America
BMW Motorsport Club North America
Boston Euro Unit New England
BPC Dubs Pacific Northwest
Broke.Status New England
Cabin Krew Capital
Capital Area VW Audi New England
Capital Dubs Capital
Central FL VW Club Florida
Chapter 11 Dubs North Carolina
Chicago VW Illinois
Club Vag Mexico
Coladubs South Carolina
Coolwater VW Club North America
CT Euro Trash Connecticut
CVA New England
DFW New Beetle Texas
DrtyEuro New York
DTM Power North America
Dub-Addiction California
Dub Cartel Florida
DUBiSH New Jersey
Dub Dreamz Inc. TBA New York
Dub-Invasion New York
Dublife Pennsylvania
Dub_Mafia Pennsylvania
DubReich Connecticut
Dubs in the Buff New York
Dubs of Queens New York
DubAudi Gruppe New England
Durty Water VWs New England
DVStyle California
East Penn Euros Eastern PA
EE Militia NY, NJ, PA, FL
Emerald City Euro TBA Washington
Euro Auslese Georgia
euroBlitz Iowa
Euro Crew Midwest
Euro Crew PR Puerto Rico
Euroconnection Tri-State
Eurofat Pacific Northwest
EuroGeeks Maryland
EuroJerks TBA California
Euro Inc. Tri-State
Euro Kult Tri-State
Euromama California
Euro Mafia Connecticut
Euro-motion Texas, Mexico
EuropeanAG Texas
European United Rides Oahu Hawaii
Europrojektz Worldwide
Euro:Society Rhode Island
Euro.Techniks North America
Eurotrash UT, ID, NV
EuroVagens Northeast Ohio
Eurowerks Midwest
Eurowerkz Worldwide
Garden State Euros www.gardenstateeuros Tri State
German Perversion Pacific Northwest
German Squad New England
German Exklusiv West Coast
GOVAG Nebraska
Grim Water New England
GrupoVag Mexico
Gulf Coast Euros Florida
H2O Tuning Alabama
Hat City Dubs Connecticut
Herk Boys Nationwide
High Speed Dubbin Massachusetts
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Anthony Lawson
Anthony Lawson

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KC Dubs                                                       Kansas City


Dear Eurotuner,

For next years club list could you please change the web address for Team Foreign Objects out of Hawaii from the facebook page to